Benchmarking & Evaluation

Member Recognition
NICHE is an organizational membership program that recognizes member achievements in nurse-led improvements in the care of older adults Member recognition levels include Member, Senior Friendly, and Exemplar. NICHE staff evaluate progress with implementing strategies that improve care for older adults and make suggestions to NICHE member organizations to further enhance care of older adults. All members receive membership certificates and digital signage reflecting their recognition level.

Evaluation Process
Within the first year of completing the Leadership Training Program, new members:

  • Submit a practice portfolio, based on the portfolio template provided by NICHE.
  • Complete a survey about the newly implemented NICHE program at their organization. 
  • Ensure membership account, including annual dues, is up to date. 

Following submission of their portfolio, members receive reports on their portfolios, including written recommendations from our faculty.

We recommend that new members undergo a second review at the 18-24 month mark so we can assess changes and ensure a firm foundation moving forward.

Instructions and templates for the Year 1 review are available in the Knowledge Center.

Existing members are invited to submit a portfolio for review to move to the senior-friendly or exemplar levels. Members are encouraged to use the implementation rubric for their care setting to complete a brief assessment to indicate whether or not they are ready for review.

Once submitted by members,  NICHE faculty review portfolios and provide the organization with written feedback based on their portfolio. If the membership account is current, sites are sent a certificate with ‘senior friendly’ or ‘exemplar’ recognition once one of these levels is achieved..

Instructions and templates for the Senior-Friendly/Exemplar reviews are available in the Knowledge Center.

Benchmarking Surveys
The acute-care-focused Geriatric Institutional Assessment Profile (GIAP) and Staff Training Assessment (STA), exclusively for NICHE members, is a validated assessment to establish a baseline of nurses’ knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions regarding care of older adults. NICHE members receive a customized report of their GIAP results. The GIAP should be used to establish clinical improvement opportunities and implement a robust NICHE program.

Both surveys are offered three times a year in February, June, and October. New NICHE members participate in the surveys as part of the Leadership Training Program.