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Benchmarking & Evaluation

Effective October 2017

We have instituted the following changes to the NICHE Program evaluation process and recognition levels. The GIAP benchmarking services have also undergone reconstruction, in an effort to more closely align with your organization’s nursing quality improvement initiatives and standard healthcare practices. All sites are encouraged to continue with their implementation plans, especially building out the GRN program, implementing NICHE protocols, and gathering data to inform progress and outcomes.

Please note: NICHE™ is no longer a designation program, but rather a membership program that recognizes member achievements in nurse-led improvements in the care of older adults.


Evaluation Process

Within the first year of completing the Leadership Training Program, new members are required to:

  • Submit a practice portfolio, based on the portfolio template provided by NICHE.
  • Complete a short survey about the newly implemented NICHE program at their facility.
  • Ensure membership account is current or annual membership dues are paid

Members will receive written recommendations on their portfolios from our experts in clinical care. We will also create an easy-to-read report that integrates your portfolio assessment with the survey data. If their account is financially current, you will also receive a membership certificate.

We recommend that new members undergo a second review at the 18-24 month mark so we can assess changes and ensure a firm foundation moving forward.

Instructions and templates for the Year 1 review a are available in the Knowlege Center.


Existing members at 2016 levels of progressive, senior-friendly, or exemplar, are invited to submit a portfolio for review to move to the senior-friendly or exemplar levels. These sites are encouraged to complete a brief assessment to indicate whether or not they are ready for review.

If so, portfolios are reviewed and sites obtain written recommendations based on their portfolios. If the membership account is current, sites are sent a certificate with ‘senior friendly’ or ‘exemplar’ recognition.

Instructions and templates for the Senior-Friendly/Exemplar reviews are available in the Knowlege Center.