Benchmarking & Evaluation

Member Recognition

NICHE is an organizational membership program that recognizes member achievements in nurse-led improvements in the care of older adults.  Member recognition levels include Member, Senior Friendly, and Exemplar.  NICHE faculty evaluate members’ progress with implementing organizational structures and care processes that improve care for older adults.  Members receive a custom report to guide NICHE program implementation efforts.  All NICHE members receive certificates and digital signage reflecting their membership in NICHE and commitment to improve the quality of care for older adults. 

New Member Program Review

Upon completing the Leadership Training Program and the first year of NICHE membership,  Coordinators complete the Year One Practice Portfolio. The Practice Portfolio allows your team to identify and document progress with implementing the NICHE practice model in your organization. NICHE faculty provide feedback to support the continued growth and implementation of the NICHE practice model.  

General Member Evaluation Opportunities

NICHE members are invited to submit a practice portfolio for recognition at the Senior Friendly and Exemplar levels. Members interested in applying for Senior Friendly or Exemplar recognition should consider completing a readiness assessment with NICHE faculty prior to assembling and submitting a portfolio.

Benchmarking Surveys

The Geriatric Institutional Assessment Profile (GIAP), exclusively for NICHE members, is a validated assessment to establish a baseline of nurses’ knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions regarding the care of older adults. NICHE members receive a customized report of their GIAP results. The GIAP should be used to establish clinical improvement opportunities and guide NICHE implementation activities.