Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) is one of the original geriatric care models that optimizes the nurse practice environment in all care delivery settings to address the unique needs of older adults. NICHE offers member organizations a cost-effective and scalable professional practice model that positions nurses as leader to improve health outcomes for older adults.

We promote excellence: 

  • by fostering diversity and promoting equity and inclusion among our membership
  • by empowering nurses as agents of change to ensure excellent care of older adults;
  • through continuous process improvement;
  • by championing evidence-based nursing practice development through online education and resources dissemination; 
  • in our data, programming, and customer relations
  • by ensuring clinical excellence quality and research across the NICHE member network. Ensure that NICHE stays ahead of new research, techniques, and practices which are inclusive of all backgrounds.