Success Stories

  • Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) Magnet® used the NICHE model of care to decrease pressure injuries in their Transitional Skilled Unit (TSU). Read more about LVHN’s TeleWound Technology.

  • Saint Joseph’s Healthcare System creates therapeutic activity kit to reduce feelings of helplessness and frustration in older adult patients and caregivers. Read more about the SJHA Therapeutic Activity Kit.

  • Saint Vincent Hospital developed a novel curriculum for teaching interdisciplinary learners about the aging mind, body, and spirit, by using the team’s collective expertise buttressed by guidance from the NICHE Knowledge Center.  SVH’s NICHE Steering Committee plans to run three training sessions per year. The overarching goal is to train every care provider and volunteer in the acute setting. Read more about SVH’s curriculum

  • St. John Hospital & Medical Center increased focus on medication history compliance to enable staff to ensure medications are properly documented and outpatient regimens are considered for each patient as new medications are prescribed and existing medications are maintained during hospitalization. Unit compliance rates jumped from 46% to 100%. Read more about SJH&MC’s journey to success.

  • Changi General Hospital in Singapore created a NICHE workgroup to examine and contextualize online NICHE training materials. They introduced three levels of training for various wards in their Integrated Building (IB): induction program, basic program, and advanced program. The GRN hybrid training package consists of six modules, including e-learning with pre-test, classroom teaching with post-test and clinical attachment to IB geriatric wards. Read more about Changi General Hospital's implementation of the NICHE model