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Call For Abstracts

Abstract submissions for the 2020 conference are being accepted until Sunday, July 21, at 11:59 PM EST. Questions? Check out our FAQs and abstract guidelines!

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Categories Topics Include

Health and Well-being of Older Adults

  • Aging in the community
  • Nursing management of chronic syndromes and diseases
  • Polypharmacy and medications
  • Delirium, Dementia, Depression
  • Caring for a client with chronic behavioral and mental health issues
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Substance abuse
  • PTSD in older adults
  • Social determents of health
  • Multicultural aging
  • Health disparities
  • LGBTQ-older adults

NICHE Program Development and Practice Environment

  • Implementing Geriatric Resource Nurse (GRN)/Geriatric Patient Care Assistant (GPCA)/Geriatric Certified Nursing Assistant (GCNA) roles
  • The GRN as a peer mentor
  • The GRN as a clinical consultant
  • Clinical rounds with the GRN/GPCA/GCNA
  • Improving safety culture
  • GCNA/GPCA as a career ladder
  • Implementing practice change
  • The GRN/GCNA/GPCA as an advocate
  • The path to NICHE Exemplar Status

Safety Across the Continuum

  • Health literacy
  • Care transitions
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Patient teaching strategies
  • Care at home after hospitalization
  • Partnering with up- and down-stream referral sources to improve quality and safety
  • The GRN as a nurse navigator
Technology and Innovations
  • Assistive devices (for the patient or nurse safety) 
  • Telehealth innovation (inpatient and outpatient)
  • Innovative care delivery models (technology as the core)
  • Implementing NICHE protocols in the electronic medical record
  • Using web-based applications to engage patients in self-care

While your topic may span multiple categories, please choose the category that is the best match.

Presentation Types

Podium presentations feature completed research or quality improvement projects, such as program evaluations, descriptions of clinical practice innovations, or other geriatric nursing initiatives. There may be up to two presenting authors per presentation. The session will close with a question and answer session.

  • AV included: laptop, projector, screen, microphones
  • Number of presenting authors: Maximum of 2 per presentation
  • Continuing Education contact hours offered: 1 – 1.5

Poster presentations highlight completed research or quality improvement projects, such as clinical-practice partnerships, education initiatives, or improving nursing unit efficiency. Posters may be printed as large as 7.5’ W by 3.5’ H, on laminated poster board or fabric. Foam core is not accepted. Presenters are responsible for printing, transporting, and displaying posters.

  • AV included: None
  • Number of presenting authors: Maximum of 2 per poster
  • Continuing Education contact hours offered: 2 (a total of 6 posters must be reviewed for full credit)

Roundtable presentations are informal presentations designed to share innovative geriatric care models, implementation of best practices, and promising practices with limited outcome data, but beneficial for discussion.

  • AV included: None
  • Number of presenting authors: Maximum of 2 per roundtable
  • Continuing Education contact hours offered: 1 – 1.5


Abstract Guidelines Abstract Guidelines and Directions


Review and Notification Process

All submissions will be blind-reviewed. In the case of ongoing research studies, where results may be incomplete, authors are encouraged to describe the specific elements to be examined and their importance to geriatric nursing.

Selected abstract authors will be notified via email by Monday, Sept. 30, 2019, and must confirm their participation no later than Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019, by registering for the conference.

FAQs Complete FAQ Sheet